Friday, March 28, 2014

Bad News

Hi Everyone,
I have really been looking forward to starting up the blog when I was notified by my IT department of a computer audit.
No problem I thought.
The administrator told me that I was on paid leave until they sorted it out.
No problem I thought, I don't watch porn, no illegal stuff, etc.
Got a phone call today, I was fired for installing unauthorized software (a potential security breech??)

The long and short of it is that my 12 years with the company came to an end over a phone call.
They actually packed all of my office up and delivered it to my house.

I cannot see blogging in any foreseeable future.

I don't take it personally. Their move was one of many that they did to fellow senior management. In face a friend of mine at work just asked ourselves 2 days ago who would be next.

I have a lot on my plate. First order of business is to sell my home that I can no longer afford...

Take Care and All the Best.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

FAR Better than the post below

Floyd fans should be raving and drooling over this one!

These are TRUE studio alt recordings. The former was just plain weird.

Long (sob) story about my absence. I still need recovery time but I will post a few here and there and hope to be back by April.

Pink Floyd
From Abbey Road to Britannia Row - The Extraction Tapes
Unissued Alternate Studio Recordings 1975 - 1976

01 Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts 1-9)
02 Welcome To The Machine
03 Have A Cigar

04 Sheep (Raving and Drooling)
05 Dogs
06 Pigs (Three Different Ones)
07 Sheep Sound Effects                

I received these files from a collector friend in the last couple of days. It sounds to me like Animals has been taken from an improved copy of the source used for the earlier 'Extraction Tapes' vinyl release. Sources appear to have been speed corrected.
Unfortunately I don't have artwork, other than that I've found on the web and embedded into the FLACs.
Sound is way better than the vinyl transfers I've heard. All in all an amazing release.
Beechwoods, 2nd March 2014

Review below from Collector's Music Review:
Soon to see release is this Pink Floyd disk “From Abbey Road to Britannia Row”. Subtitled ‘The Extraction tapes’ this CD features that rarest of beasts. Unissued Pink Floyd studio outtakes. Remember the fuss that came around the Beatles ‘John Barrett’ tapes or the ‘Revolution’ leak? This could, subjectively, be Pink Floyd’s answer to that.

Wish You Were Here:
Wish You Were Here (Parts 1-9) (Never released this way before)
Welcome To The Machine (Studio demo 1975)
Have A Cigar (Studio demo 1975)

Sheep (Different Studio Version)
Dogs (Different Studio Version)
Pigs (Three Different Ones) (Different Studio Version)

Consisting of outtakes collected from both the “Wish You Were Here” and “Animals” albums, the disk is the first time that any of the outtakes have been released in this format.
A very exciting time for PF collectors.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Pink Floyd: WYWH Unreleased Demos 1975

2014-02-05 20.43.11
The Extraction Version
(No Matrix Numbers present)
Vinyl Rip
Unreleased Versions from 1975.

1. Shine on you crazy Diamond (Parts 1-8)
Studio Version 1975 in one complete piece.
Never previously issued in this format.

2. Welcome to the Machine
Studio Demo, 1975
3. Have a Cigar
Studio Demo, 1975
4. Wish You Were Here
Studio, 1975 (with Stéphane Grapelli)

Lineage: (New, unplayed) Vinyl > Thorens TD-166 Mk II with Denon DL-110 > (modded) Dynavox TPR-2 tube preamp > TASCAM DR-05 @ 24/96 > (in case of the 16/44.1 version: downsampling in Samplitude X >) FLAC level 8 in TLH

Dont't convert to lossy formats! This Rip is not to be used for any Remasters with the exception of my own or MQR efforts! creamcheese 2014-02-05

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Pink Floyd: Toronto 1973 (Ex- Aud) 24/96 FLAC

1973 03 11 Maple Leaf Gardens
Pink Floyd
Collectors Edition - 24bits @ 96kHz - This is a big download
Sunday 11th March 1973 - Maple Leaf Gardens, Toronto - Direct from 2nd Gen Cassettes

Sound quality is Excellent Stereo - less harsh than other versions due to 96kHz sample rate.
Taper: - Henry Boc (needs confirmation)
Equipment Used to record the show: - Uher cassette deck and AKG mic on a pole (needs confirmation)
I obtained these cassettes from Nigel Bradder who lives in the UK who was a prolific Pink Floyd collector in the 70's and 80's. He traded with a guy in Canada called Mark Lewkowicz who I believe had obtained copies of the masters of this show from the taper who I believe was called Henry Boc. If anybody has more information about the origins of this show and who taped it please post it.
On the above basis I believe that it is most likely that these cassettes are second generation from the master.

The transfer was made using the following equipment: -
Playback via Nakamichi ZX-7 cassette deck with manual adjustment to height and azimuth of playback head to match that of the original tape recorder to optimise the sound during playback.
Direct connection to analogue input of Audiophile 2496 soundcard via high quality Clicktronic interconnects with 24K gold plugs.
This is a big download and if you want to listen to it on CD you will need to down-sample from 96kHz 24bit to 44.1kHz and 16bits join the files together then split up on the sector boundaries.

On my cassettes the tracks are split as follows: -
Tape 1 Side 1 - Echoes, Obscured By Clouds/When You're In
Tape 1 Side 2 - Careful With That Axe Eugene, Speak To Me, Breathe, On The Run, Time, Breathe (Reprise), The Great Gig In The Sky
Tape 2 Side 1 - The Great Gig In The Sky, Money, Us And Them, Any Colour You Like, Brain Damage, Eclipse
Tape 2 Side 2 - Crowd, One Of These Days

The only track split is near the end of The Great Gig In The Sky
I tidied up the beginnings and endings and merged all four sides together then split the show into individual tracks and saved them at FLAC level 8.

01 - Echoes
02 - Obscured By Clouds / When You're In
03 - Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
04 - Careful With That Axe, Eugene
05 - Speak To Me
06 - Breathe
07 - On The Run
08 - Time
09 - Breathe (Reprise)
10 - The Great Gig In The Sky
11 - Money
12 - Us And Them
13 - Any Colour You Like
14 - Brain Damage
15 - Eclipse
16 - Crowd
17 - One Of These Days

Support the artist - this recording is for give away or trade only - please do not sell it. Steven Carr - 31st May 2009!7wImmbxT!f2MIpcUz77wr6YYrebdW3O9b1SLOL5D0lizpTRUgtBo!HgoVTRaR!knxZgSSdAdeSYVEnphobc58pV0OqqE3EsxamaZbwK0g!K85SEAKY!PH-Kp1-jgwhRhpEsqSbZneXHvaiRKAQl4nOAF6tB2o4!S0BQxSpK!7-dle7ODS0dWRLoWFhWLCc_BxKco6wcdYpRiZsSL7eo!uwpVHZQS!TGij_amXioTY7Rq53fncO7FMlFlWvE_cHKW_V59VtTw!u9A2BRiR!sG8CW9srqEh2fR2gQ6sdRGKNajdhJ6yKKs2tVngmQz8!3txGnDbB!TmVwjE-gXLKTtAnqG3e2-eYzOvcoVUVEYNZifzq22J8!bwhmRBzb!aggKxxSpFlXQkOJsxUg36q7OV8t8AMq7MpwxzU4MYvA!X4Ai1aBK!wRj3UJ2xjJCyHX9xZCyGmaKLKfRxbDyWSre6BQxBtaI!a1ZRmTJK!eRqgK54WPSohcE9g-V_hqG4vqFT9HrjjfIGD6M8LuWQ!O95G1LRD!EY2fX0vb86PF0f3H4_EkcpreezFV1nI_0YcAV_bpu9M!SxxX2aCD!K_QReXsy1vUu06-wuBQXUDroq9sXTPJS2hBV8ZJw7js!v5B30BRR!yL969JhPsOmNNZMiUz33fj82qKVilC0E_9UkXIObkNI!z9xF2abD!Ohfjvj5gbwKmc0tL_c3HSQT-q61NmQxX6-HnO62qg_U!W1QBgJpB!0X5rmoQ_q6MocaqhnOo_IgCVomBNLX04aQO5-taB6hY!LkgyWagJ!2z-wPUM-yVy-VnKKobLYCnrpSBG6XXwQe9qzpNKit_M!G4pRjbpS!ELk78qlmX-xkA0XRBFgpN6Npw0t09pV91lWxkrWJIyk!T8oX0KzY!VOVJmufU_f9Qokk8EJZD8D5ruia1bUeD0RLZVc9eflk!Wx5XgDID!GvN5qY94T3Qg-vDkaiANIVIHYuaZ-k1xt3Sd5dnPF7c

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Pink Floyd: Earls Court 1973 (3 Different Ex- Aud boots) FLAC

art is similar (almost exact) on 2 of the 3 boots but they are different

Pink Floyd
Location: Earl's Court Exhibition Hall, London
Date: May 19th 1973
Recording: Audience
Artwork: No
Lineage: Silvers>cdex151>wav>tlh>flac8>You

Excellent audience recording from the second of two nights at Earl's Court. This version is taken from the imaginatively titled 4CD Japanese boot 'Earl's Court 1973' on the Sigma label. I checked the tracker (including dead torrents) and could not find this show, apologies if this has been out in recent times.
I have put a sound sample on the comments section. Enjoy!

Disc One: (67:25)
 1.Obscured By Clouds ...
 2.... When You're In
 3.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun
 4.Careful With That Axe, Eugene

Disc Two: (61:07)
 1.Speak To Me
 3.On The Run
 5.Breathe (Reprise)
 6.The Great Gig In The Sky
 8.Us And Them
 9.Any Colour You Like
10.Brain Damage
12.One Of These Days

Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Richard Wright
Nick Mason
Vicki Brown - Backing Vocals
Liza Strike - Backing Vocals
Dick Parry - Sax

disc/s: 2
release: Orange Records OR 12a/b - Made In Europe 2003
date/venue: 1973 May 19 - Earls Court Exhibition Hall, London
source: audience - recorder 1 / cass[low or Master]>Original Silver>cdr[0]
tot length: 128:58
overall: EX

01. Obscured by Clouds / When You're In [15:23]
02. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun [14:54]
03. Careful With That Axe, Eugene [11:19]
04. Echoes [25:35]
01. Speak To Me [1:38]
02. Breathe [3:02]
03. On The Run [5:37]
04. Time / Breathe (reprise) [6:44]
05. The Great Gig In The Sky [6:21]
06. Money [7:00]
07. Us And Them [8:40]
08. Any Colour You Like [6:30]
09. Brain Damage[3:48]
10. Eclipse [3:34]
11. One Of These Days [8:45]

notes: SHELTER-National Campaign for the Homeless benefit
this comes more or less from the same source used by HRV for Supine In The Sunshine, though this RoIO release was mastered differently, the volume is lower but sounds a bit smoother to me (no levels were boosted).
it has some little portions more too.
the recorder is the same of course.

review from hokafloyd:
This was one of two benefit concerts played in London between the two North American tours of the year and the performance is of the usual calibre for this era. ‘Obscured by Clouds’ and ‘When You’re In’ both feature a good deal of keyboard and slide guitar soloing in these expanded live versions. Later Waters lets loose an ear-shattering scream in ‘Careful With That Axe, Eugene’ — one of the most powerful and menacing ones you’ll ever hear. The rest of the show is strong and typical for mid-1973, save Wright and Gilmour singing different lines at the same time during ‘Us And Them.’
A saxophone player (probably Dick Parry, who appeared on The Dark Side Of The Moon) is now a regular part of the lineup.

Pink Floyd - Live At Earls Court 1973
Label: None
All tracks: Earls Court Exhibition Hall, London. May 19th, 1973
Quality: EX-
Source: Audience
Lineage: Silver CD > Wav via EAC > Shn via MKWact > FLAC via TLH
:Do not encode to MP3:

About the artwork: I have included scans of all the artwork including cd labels. Images will need to be resized before printing.

 1.Obscured By Clouds/When You're In (15:23)
 2.Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (14:54)
 3.Careful With That Axe, Eugene (11:19)
 4.Echoes (25:35)

 1.Speak To Me (1:38)
 2.Breathe (3:02)
 3.On The Run (5:37)
 4.Time/Breathe (Reprise) (6:44)
 6.The Great Gig In The Sky (6:21)
 7.Money (7:00)
 8.Us And Them (8:40)
 9.Any Colour You Like (6:30)
10.Brain Damage (3:48)
11.Eclipse (3:34)
12.One of These Days (8:45)

*Track times are from cd*!DppTmDpI!0KqZ3Kaom3oLUKFhTSkvpizHMMoe8k1bj6ymnRWqSTw!ylQ1HR6J!mcZFu4h05IKBGhS-WxGMfbCGtTOp7qckse4FAVTW-AQ!WkQ1FbJC!9BCj7D-uL1qrJE6KnSyRYKew-5LDajwU1SLMSuc2-n0!C0hVXSRC!6fwZ5LIXCWkT61BmAT0vbi1gln8t-I6j07GoUE9U8TU!XtwGzJAI!WPu_Yjpsp-kGLLfZxWRdfUYkjHHjMw4TOekKTttj_a8!WsgkzAJI!3dRh7qlp57Zc2fFy-7v7X7LR37b4YCsnJuuwsENFePE!WoQgSTgb!RGjw4sRFi8cX0wNWOLeF2p_gny_r6byb4VbIxiSe_6Q!2wJRyQKK!BXV1HlBWnEKcnXi0l0a8zcJ_QLIZcDkDql4EI_0Kc8Q!Hg4hxSAC!gqyQzIWxHkNQ_nYIZAh2_EAAmhucC9BNWrHmh3gyCLc!60QnQTTD!9cLyUyNPzqJDlPkN-904dUo5TJ9y1cifuN6FDaVBEno!60QnQTTD!9cLyUyNPzqJDlPkN-904dUo5TJ9y1cifuN6FDaVBEno!jtwQmDaC!vA9y_MHTfPK7SUHoiJYrJ650KU6VMUBf7zhQnz838us

Friday, February 7, 2014

Pink Floyd: Kent State 1973 (2 Different Boots - 1 G+ Aud One VG++) FLAC

Pink Floyd
Gymnasium, Kent State University, Ohio
March 10, 1973
"Thoughts And Memories" - label/origin unknown

Disc One:
   1. Echoes                                 22:07
   2. Obscured By Clouds                      6:08
   3. When You're In                          6:47
   4. Childhood's End                         4:30
   5. Careful With That Axe, Eugene          11:30

Disc Two:
   1. Speake To Me                            1:10
   2. Breathe                                 2:49
   3. On The Run                              5:29
   4. Time                                    5:25
   5. Breathe (reprise)                       1:01
   6. Great Gig In The Sky                    5:04
   7. Money                                   5:45
   8. Us And Them                             7:34
   9. Any Colour You Like                     9:10
  10. Brain Damage                            3:55
  11. Eclipse                                 1:51
  12. One Of These Days                       7:07

Source: Audience
CD Reference: Kent 10.3.73, Thoughts And Memories
Quality: G+/VG-

Wojtek's Page Of Bootlegs.
Media: 1 CD-R
X-ref: „Master”,
       „Kent 10.3.73”,
       „Thoughts And Memories”.
Venue: March 10th, 1973 – Gymnasium, Kent State University, Ohio

Album notes: Only DSOTM set (what a pity) is available from this source. A big upgrade to the circulating versions - great sound indeed. From rare audience master tape. The same material (more or less - different rip) is available on bootleg known as "Master".
Lineage: A Sony TC50>Cass[Master]>CDR[0]>CDR>EAC>FLAC.

  1. Speak To Me
      Breathe  (4:24)
   2. On The Run  (5:42)
   3. Time  (5:41)
   4. Breathe Reprise  (1:03)
   5. The Great Gig In The Sky  (4:55)
   6. Money  (6:15)
   7. Us And Them
      Any Colour You Like  (14:17)
   8. Brain Damage  (4:01)
   9. Eclipse  (2:29)

Quality: EX
Total time: 40:47
Artwork: Wojtek.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Roxy Music: Pasadena 1979 (FM) FLAC

Roxy Music-1979-04-21-outside front cover
Civic Auditorium
Pasadena, California USA
April 21, 1979

Broadcast live on KWEST-FM LOS ANGELES
caveat: Two thirds of this is recorded in mono and Bootleg Zone indicates that a stereo source from a vinyl LP is also in circulation. Not that I have that version but I thought it fair to note that others say it is inferior to this recording
This revision includes some additional modifications from the original seed a few years ago. Sharing this new phase corrected version with everyone to replace the original flawed torrent

Disc 1
01. Introduction by Dusty Rhodes
02. Manifesto
03. Trash
04. Out Of The Blue
05. Angel Eyes
06. A Song For Europe        ***true stereo begins***
07. Still Falls The Rain (tape flip - spliced) >                
08. Mother Of Pearl
Disc 2
09. Ain´t That So
10. Stronger Through The Years > ***true stereo ends***
11. Ladytron ***2 seconds of light FM static***
12. In Every Dream Home A Heartache (tape flip - spliced @ 5:26)
13  Love Is The Drug
14. Editions Of You
encore call:
15. Do The Strand
16. Re-Make/Re-Model

source: FM Broadcast > Teac A-106 (w/ Dolby) captured on 2-60 minute cassettes
My copy: Akaii GX 570-D2 (w/ Dolby) > Revox B-77 (me) (> Sony DTC-690, my safety copy)
Torrent: Sony DTC-690 > Audigy 4 Pro (via toslink) > Audacity (convert to 16-44, clean up and phase shift by 20 samples) > CD Wav > Flac (Level 8) > Stamp ID3 tag editor

Bryan Ferry - vocals and keyboards
Phil Manzanera - guitar
Andy MacKay - sax and oboe
Paul Thompson - drums
Gary Tibbs - bass
David Skinner - keyboards

This is from a cassette tape that I copied from my friend Tim Sharp in 1979. An excellent performance captured by a live FM radio broadcast. Two thirds of this is recorded in mono with the middle third in true stereo. It may have been that the mono switch on Tim's receiver was used to improve reception.
Copied from Tim's master "off air" cassette to my Revox B77 reel then to my Sony DAT recorder at 16/48.
Transferred to 16/44 wav files and cleaned up numerous dropouts and defects with Audacity. Editing of these mini dropouts and flatspots consisted mostly of a little snip snip snip in the right places. With the exception of the tape flips you will not even notice them.

The bad: Tape flip in "Still Falls the Rain" and is at 29:24.
During "Ladytron" (between 54:41 and 54:43) there is 2 seconds of static from FM interference.
Next tape flip is during "In Every Dream Home a Heartache" which was spliced at 61:49 or 5:26 of track 12.
Although a couple of seconds were lost the splice is nearly transparent.

The phase was off by 20 samples of which number were removed from the right channel to line this up.
An immediate improvement in the sound balance was noted after this correction.
Before correction the right channel was very weak and it affected my first torrent of this show.
For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use.
-M- 8/2010
(Rev A July 2013 - Phase lined up by removing 20 samples from the right channel, songs tagged, new fingerprint and checksums created)


MEMORIES: A beautiful old venue dating back to when elegance in ballrooms and theatres was the norm.
It was nice to go to a concert and not bring in all that taping equipment.
My friend Tim was recording the live radio broadcast and so we were able to relax and enjoy the show.
After this concert was over we jumped in a car and drove all night to see the first show with Brent Midland as the new member of the Grateful Dead.
It was an all-day show that included The Charlie Daniels Band at Spartan Stadium in San Jose.
After the Dead show was over I jumped in an airplane and flew back to LA to see George Thorogood at the Palomino in North Hollywood that night.
Was I whooped after that.
Oh you can only do this when you are young.

Pretenders: Amsterdam 1980 (FM) FLAC

pretenders 1 pic
The Pretenders live at the "Festival of Fools"
ADM (shipyard)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
31st May, 1980
Note: Setlist Corrected version by mikedreams
RESEEDED with 2-second gaps removed

The Pretenders
Festival of Fools
ADM (shipyard)
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
31st May, 1980

FM Radio Recording, KRO Radio 2, 18th August 2006
FM > Philips CD-Recorder > WAV > Flac>
repairs, removal of 2-second gaps at the ends and micro-gaps at the start of each track:
wavs>gaps removed in audio editor>
SBEs repaired, checksum files and Flac-8 files created in Trader's Little Helper

51:50 minutes
The setlist:
01. The Wait > Precious 6:40
02. Talk Of The Town 3:19
03. Cuban Slide 4:29
04. Private Life 6:16
05. Space Invader 2:42
06. The Phone Call 2:37
07. I Go To Sleep 3:33
08. Brass In Pocket 3:14
09. Kid 3:59
10. Up The Neck 5:48
11. Mystery Achievement 5:42
12. Stop Your Sobbing 3:26

The lineup:
Chrissie Hynde
James Honeyman-Scott
Pete Farndon
Martin Chambers

Friday, January 31, 2014

Pink Floyd: Los Angeles 1975 (VG++ Aud) FLAC

Theory Of Ruin Value - Sigma 46
Matrix Disc 1-3:  SIGMA 46 DISC 1-3 - (P) 2009 Made In Japan

Theory Of Ruin Value is a three disc set with the April 27th, 1975 Los Angeles show, the final US show of the spring tour. A previous release, Hog’s In Smog on Shout To The Top, claimed to be from this date but is in reality the April 26th show with “Money” from the June Boston concert. There was a concern on this site that Sigma may have unknowingly copied this one with the false date, but the label are much smarter than that. This is the legitimate complete April 27th show.

The sound quality is very good to almost excellent. It isn’t as detailed or powerful as the Mike Millard tape from the previous night (The Late Great Millard Tapes Highland HL644/645/646). There is muffled conversations and comments around the recorder, but not nearly enough to interfere with the enjoyment of the show and in fact even enhances it giving it atmosphere and character. There is a cut in “Shine On You Crazy Diamond Parts 1-5? between 9:48 to 10:10. An alternate tape is used to fill the gap with a seamless edit.
The four shows Pink Floyd played at the Sports Arena in Los Angeles are famous for the brutality on display by the Los Angeles Police force. Even before the event the commissioner of police Ed Davis called this an illegal pot festival and vowed to increase security. As it turned out, 511 arrests were made over the four days (and was re-enacted and grossly exaggerated in the opening scenes in the film The Wall). Inside the arena the crowd were well behaved and there were no incidences.
Roger Waters was obviously aware and was not happy with the situation. The first words out of his mouth, while introducing “Raving And Drooling” are, “I’d like to dedicate this first tune to your Mr Davis, chief of police of this pretty city.” The great quality of the recording emphasizes the weight of the tune as it chugs along in front of the audience. “Raving And Drooling” is introduced as “another new number.” The more common way to listen to these two tracks now, after thirty years, is to compare them to ”Sheep” and “Dogs” on Animals. But it is much more interesting to analyse the songs on their own merit in the form they had at this time.
“Raving And Drooling” has very few words, enigmatic lyrics. Waters sings: ”Raving and drooling I fell on his neck with a scream / He had a whole lotta terminal shock in his eyes / That’s what you get for pretending the rest are not real.
“Babbling and snapping at far away flies / he will zig zag his way back through memories of boredom and pain.
And as a final verse: “Raving and drooling I fell on his neck with a scream / it was caught in the middle between the illusion of safety in numbers and the fist in your face.”
It is almost impossible to understand exactly what Waters is singing about. He uses the first person singular pronoun in the first line and repeated twice in the song, so he is the subject, he is doing the action.
The subject of the third person singular pronoun “he,” mentioned at various times throughout the song, is never identified.
We never know who Waters is singing about. Furthermore the actual action he is performing isn’t clear.
How is Waters falling on his neck with a scream? Why is there a look of terminal shock, and what was ”he” pretending was not real?
At various times Waters describes the song as a aimless shout of anger and is a departure from the themes of alienation and insanity with imbued their previous work.
Rather than being the recipient of the pressures of contemporary culture, this emphasizes a destructive acting out in rage.
There is a significant musical departure from Dark Side as well. The tunes that made up their most successful album were different in Pink Floyd’s overall work for being much more melodic and even catchy.
“Raving And Drooling” is very good at setting a mood but is far from being catchy and enjoyable.
The atmosphere it creates sounds very dark, opaque and monolithic and has much in common with the soon-to-be-written “Welcome To The Machine” than with anything else.
“You Gotta Be Crazy” is much more musically developed than “Raving And Drooling.” Since it is a David Gilmour song there is much more emphasis on the guitar carrying the melody and there are several openings for guitar improvisation.
The lyrics take the form of another rant, but are more focused than the other new song. It is very passive aggressive, listing the requirements for attaining fame as a pop star (“you gotta be crazy / you gotta have a real need.”) But also are the consequences for making such decisions (“And when you loose control / You’ll reap the harvest you have sown / And as the fear grows / The bad blood slows and turns to stone.”)
It comes off much better as a piece of work overall than “Raving And Drooling” and it’s easy to understand why Gilmour was upset when it wasn’t included on Wish You Were Here recorded later that summer.
The second half of the first set is even more developed than the first. Waters introduces “Shine On” as being “about someone some of you may know, Syd Barrett who used to be in the band.” The significant differences are in the lack of saxophone solos and the high pitched, tense and creepy keyboards in “Have A Cigar.”
The second half of the show, where they play the entire Dark Side Of The Moon is much more warmly received by the audience for obvious reasons. It had already hit number one, become their biggest hit, and the audience were much more familiar with the piece than the first half. It is interesting to note how the band put much effort and improvisation into the connecting tunes of the piece such as “On The Run” and ”Any Colour You Like,” both of which are expanded into what passes for jam sessions for Pink Floyd.
But also “Money” takes that form too as one of the most accessible songs in the entire set.
The show concludes with “Echoes,” the only song performed as an encore. In the live setting at this point the band put more of their energy into the funky sections rather than the meditative part of the piece. Dick Parry plays a cabaret style saxophone solo (something that would fit very well in a Rolling Stones concert at that time) before they hit upon a catchy rhythm over which Gilmour plays his solos.
The epic’s development over the five years it was regularly played is itself another fascinating topic. Theory Of Ruin Value is packaged in a fatboy jewel case to house the three discs.
This is another strong Sigma effort in their attempt to standardize the Pink Floyd unofficial tape archives.

Disc 1: Time:
1. Raving And Drooling 12:53
2. You Gotta Be Crazy 13:17
3. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts I-V) 13:11
4. Have A Cigar  4:51
5. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Parts VI-IX) 12:54
Total Time: 57:06

  Disc 2: Time:
  1. Speak To Me  5:28
  2. Breathe  2:41
  3. On The Run  4:38
  4. Time  5:27
  5. Breathe (Reprise)  1:04
  6. The Great Gig In The Sky  6:24
  7. Money  8:17
  8. Us And Them  7:42
  9. Any Colour You Like  8:15
10. Brain Damage  3:42
11. Eclpse  2:17
 Total Time: 52:55
 Disc 3: Time:
  1. Audience  2:40
  2. Echoes 22:50
  Total Time: 25:30
27 April 1975 Live at Sports Arena, Los Angeles, California, USA
MD5 & Artwork incl.!H9IzyBIZ!BSj42CofLJ0wymBKB_56nO3cTrL52EVOc_OQj8SLM5Q!e8wjXJBR!AIYFUORiN_BdFHlUSN6p56OD4xedDNK0S313-9qUnAw!Gxp1na4I!jZVrBWMdmK115kLLQ_42-ndaEsp91CD_O0QoCEV4pXA!X953xIAQ!u25P74UpxRA4NP-_CQCk3PzAGCwPfQ5qKQL-Zyml9Lw!n5xmiQLZ!2y64twcFYCeywg7IfSJFOgHGMiShs_KGxtx8NPJRV2U

Also want to let you know that I am taking about a week off. I will post the remaining links fairly soon. Check back next week Thursday or Friday

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rush: Boston 1979 (Ex.Dan Lampinski Aud Master) 24/96 FLAC

Rush 1979-01-11 Boston, MA
Boston Music Hall
Boston, MA
11 January 1979

Master audience recording taped by Dan Lampinski

01 Introduction
02 Anthem
03 A Passage To Bangkok
04 By-Tor And The Snow Dog
05 Xanadu
06 Something For Nothing
07 The Trees
08 Cygnus X-1
09 Hemispheres (spliced)
10 Closer To The Heart
11 Circumstances
12 A Farewell To Kings
13 La Villa Strangiato
14 2112 (spliced)
15 Working Man >
16 Bastille Day >
17 In The Mood >
18 Drum Solo

Nakamichi 550 Tape Recorder
Two Nakamichi CM-300 Microphones
Maxell cassettes

Mastered and FLAC'ed by Carl Morstadt (

Master Cassette ->
Nakamichi CR-3A cassette deck with azimuth correction ->
M-Audio Firewire Audiophile 2496 ->
CDWAV 24-bit/96-KHz wav files ->
Goldwave (normalizing and crossfades) ->
CDWAV (track breaks) ->
FLAC Front End (FLAC 8)
FLAC files tagged with Foobar2000 Live Show Tagger

No EQ'ing.

A 16-bit/44.1-KHz flac16 version of this recording is also available.

Dan Lampinski recorded over 100 concerts in the Providence/Boston area, mostly between 1974 and 1978.  His earliest recordings were made with an internal microphone deck, and though they are somewhat lo-fi compared to his later work, some very great moments in rock history were captured for posterity.  In late 1974 he bought a Sony TC-152SD tape recorder, a Sony ECM-99 stereo microphone, and began using Maxell cassettes.  He was also fortunate enough to have a friend who provided excellent taping seats for many shows, resulting in high quality recordings.  In 1977, he switched over to a Nakamichi 550 tape recorder, two Nakamichi CM-300 microphones, and continued using Maxell cassettes.

He recorded many of the major 70's bands:  Yes, Genesis, Pink Floyd, Queen, Blue Oyster Cult, Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, ELP, Kiss, Black Sabbath, The Who, Al Stewart, Alice Cooper, Jeff Beck, Bruce Springsteen, Supertramp, Jean-Luc Ponty, Moody Blues, Neil Young, The Faces, Rush, Rick Wakeman, Kansas, as well as several "under the radar" acts.

Since Dan never traded copies of his recordings, they are all essentially uncirculated.  Some copies were made for friends, but these releases are the first time most of these recordings have ever seen the light of day, and are direct from his master cassettes.  No EQ'ing has been done to any of the transfers.  Feel free to EQ, matrix, patch, etc and re-post if you like, just give Dan credit for the original recording.

Dan was very meticulous about taking good care of his tapes and is very pleased that these recordings will now circulate among the trading community.  Please honour his kindness and generosity by sharing these recordings freely.

The transfers are available as 16bit/44.1KHz flac files suitable for CD burning, and also as 24bit/96KHz flac files for those who prefer the higher resolution.

Always remember - the more generous you are with your music, the more it comes back to you.

Kev & Carl
June 2009!m5IzAYDI!2Vvr1K58kVJAt-Hj0EImaKEK-sk_cJK8aXPDQohwoCg!f5YyzChC!rEutiEsLC1JHsOwfi5A1yNpMge3BLh0cruAYlyvOZr0!PlwnyY6A!qG7lhoZr_RPE3s7OYNowFVdSQEdpQkYddCNwsovYmUg!OhIXwZDR!exkP9q_4-Mpr6JwwswPFAH4Xi0wybXQ93hMjRapeGA8!3wp0yRoa!EDk1AhIRn9f_k3kb8hOEZC6rVxWkdd3Ia6PyD7IPAn0!XgA1mIAa!DxVaFdOMVmlZp0J5PGxiukm30ecSFLKVJZODoPWBLYU!i5hlBKpC!ryPgBwElzNLVPmgfJzczb8dlRRY07Ppzi2AQBRdQFOw!e5Q2xAoL!v6gD3J8MOH-35ABNth9sdYb5O8_ED20sVo1KoNX1spQ!Wkx3lLzZ!whzBWpQkuYRIz2D_KQ2f3uagRW-ps7YR-vNIYd-eVdA!rsZzgZwJ!Mn5cXVgYXLx5Fcrn9hzKnowVqRl7U52Z5aGHe9Px5yc!LoBAhD5A!-ixtV0UCWNfYagu0ZpcUSqdY8tRI5JFB1sdjB75jlsA!y8ZTECDL!PJrZI52uotCW8aisGlY9-mInqR0I1O8unrXMaJvo1OQ!v05HlDRT!oLbviNh_t7SO7YjXpYnyaIi4VuOFZ1-cNhaPtQA9q6o!G0IBkDYD!6DaPqSWXQAoQJX1rBK1s9hT0ddLYO-YcDdPmznj0rfo!vwIkRDaB!up3aeXpH8HqjbEM5puVsyAnGaUJlU1o7mGzyqFX_UuU!ylpEVYJS!Q5Ebjl_nAXFu1AZA2NZHWg3YbKgwuk2wFEugUI3nV4s

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Pink Floyd: Boston 1973 (2 Ex- Aud Boots) FLAC

Pink Floyd - Carefully Obscured Sun Echoes Dark Moon Days
14 March 1973 Live at Music Hall, Boston, Massachusetts
Pink Moon 73-1/2
Matrix Disc 1: CAREFUL
Matrix Disc 2: ECHOES DARK
(P) ???? Made In ????
Lineage: silver>eac>flac
Only 500 Copies Made

Excellent audience recording taped close to the stage emphasising the upper end. Overall, this is a great performance in front of a surprisingly sedate Boston crowd!
Xref: Boston 1973 (Sirene 056 A/B)

Disc 1:
1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 14:14
2. Obscured By Clouds / When You're In 5:36
3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun 7:14
4. When You´re In 16:44
5. Echoes 22:29
Total Time: 66:17

Disc 2:
1. Speak To Me 2:15
2. Breathe 2:56
3. On The Run 5:34
4. Time 5:34
5. Breathe (reprise) 1:05
6. The Great Gig In The Sky 6:04
7. Money 6:06
8. Us And Them 7:41
9. Any Colour You Like 8:30
10. Brain Damage 3:47
11. Eclipse 7:36
12 . One Of These Days 9:21
Total Time: 66:29

Roger Waters
David Gilmour
Rick Wright
Nick Mason

Boston 1973
Sirene - 056 A/B
(P) 2004     Made in Argentina
Audience Recording
Lineage: silver cd>eac>flac

  Disc 1:
  1. Careful With That Axe, Eugene 14:20
  2. Obscured By Clouds / When You're In  5:28
  3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun  9:05
  4. When You´re In 14:58
  5. Echoes 22:18
 Total Time: 66:10

  Disc 2:
  1. Speak To Me  2:15
  2. Breathe  5:38
  3. On The Run  5:29
  4. Time / Breathe (reprise)  1:03
  5. The Great Gig In The Sky  6:05
  6. Money  6:06
  7. Us And Them  7:39
  8. Any Colour You Like  8:31
  9. Brain Damage  3:43
 10. Eclipse  7:41
 11. One Of These Days  9:15
Total Time: 66:23!P9ZgiRIC!0RAIhGgVUnjm7wg9atV-cBbRr0M-XhIkr8GT1BD-R7M!zgIn0B5Q!VW79XNQFqjo5yQ7fnb8DShQVtneaAW2jYHmOSo5TarE!O4hmlYCb!TH5i3-JTebp2icXIdU9EHdvHmnD7t_EETBheieIkM8Y!Pth2wBQQ!EiXhbfAR_C9XQBQACBsO8Vt7sA2Vp1VAL11J-Rdijh0!Pth2wBQQ!EiXhbfAR_C9XQBQACBsO8Vt7sA2Vp1VAL11J-Rdijh0!yhBU1SRK!pBtAUcKrZStnF-I3dxoDjMncuwyn6rDyiGmDA2Vf1vo!H1hxUaCD!UKTPgtp6pjBNedzELbmdV-hRn8nDevhh_CR8Hi3_Kek!bgYUGLZC!utJL9Ahihhi1s_nUKk44q990BgxWBBudkx-zN5BLUMM!OtAzFByY!npou9_TWpt2jGDGfTyocclp1RWnqZ1DRe4q8YKjpHLM

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Metallica: 2 Excellent 1999 Soundboards (FLAC

Open Air
St. Gasllen, Switzerland
Source: SBD
Transfer: Trade CDR -> EAC(secure) -> WAV -> FLAC(lv8)

Disc 01:
01. Ecstacy Of Gold
02. Breadfan
03. Master of Puppets
04. Of Wolf & Man
05. The Thing That Should Not Be
06. Fuel
07. The Memory Remains
08. Bleeding Me
09. Bass/Guitar Doodle
10. Jam -> Sanitarium Tease -> Harvester Tease
11. The Four Horsemen
12. For Whom the Bell Tolls

Disc 02:
01. King Nothing
02. Wherever I May Roam
03. One
04. Fight Fire With Fire
05. Nothing Else Matters
06. Sad But True
07. Creeping Death
08. Die Die My Darling
09. Enter Sandman
10. Battery

OU Notes: Awesome soundboard of a great show!! I got this in a mail trade sometime in 2005. Highly recommended, the sound pretty much doesnt get any better then this.

Metallica Dynamo Open Air 1999
1999 May 23

James Hetfield - Rhythm Guitar and Vocals
Lars Ulrich - Drums
Kirk Hammett - Lead Guitar
Jason Newsted - Bass Guitar and Background Vocals

Disc 1
1 Master Of Puppets
2 Of WOlf And Man
3 The Thing That Should Not Be
4 Fuel
5 The Memory Remains
6 Bleeding Me
7 Jason Newsted Bass Solo
8 Bass & Guitar Solo
9 Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
10 Guitar Solo - Harvester Of Sorrow
11 The Four Horsemen
12 For Whom The Bell Tolls
13 King Nothing
14 Wherever I May Roam

Disc 2
1 One
2 Fight Fire With Fire
3 Nothing Else Matters
4 Sad But True
5 Creeping Death
6 Instrumental Interlude
7 Die, Die My Darling
8 Enter Sandman
9 Battery
10 Lars Ulrich Interview at Dynamo Open Air
11 Fuel (demo at Lar's Dungeon 16-01-95)

Source: Soundboard
Lineage: SBD > ? > Silver CD > EAC > WAV > Flac Frontend > FLAC!axhjXDhD!MaMmozZBWmcNPBtqeNwHEe-fUSDb41XE7o0szFwodm8!axhjXDhD!MaMmozZBWmcNPBtqeNwHEe-fUSDb41XE7o0szFwodm8!6tRxTTTb!VnyuB6ODUY47vTzdwXyGKicYatwkmnXJXwkbu52Thfo!Gl5Vgb6B!aP5XEoAhCfku6luLOuHo_l4h4j1BpWEhmgBDC_VRMz4!agpDmTjQ!UaDX2ONOHYr3aS2raHSiAynVpp8TvRBBMZnkhT8q43c!b4BA2SAQ!O11ULO4vLXXU4lgprYzH0mGNVmdm3cBVnmyctObYrfM!TtBESZAZ!JlhavQoF_VaQGjjUWKtH6MqzBnAf1B_v9FxVDiBzEe0!O9wF1LIT!PlP6NN40nxlkLen5Fao0qEpDRsLJuGOVDuik1n7_HoE!r5ZkRSbA!FGcdXHRWXfieb87z98oFz-JWK-_BSCEdhNrHylqi0WI!ulQ0HKST!MJdO0oJ0g_BJGsO5WbGXIHHcVf8Wu-nlwG9JcJGGATM

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Dan Fogelberg: Los Angeles 1985 (Pre-FM) FLAC

Dan Fogelberg Universal Amphitheater Universal City Los Angeles California April-9-1985 
Westwood One PRE FM Master LPS Aired 8-15-85
A MD Transfer For KRW_CO at 16/44.1

LINEAGE PRE FM LP Masters Newmark Turntable To CDR To Plextools Pro/WAV 16/44.1

All ads have been edited out all LP flips have been edited together

1 Intro
2 Part of the Plan
3 Hard to Say
4 Run for the Roses
5 Make Love Stay
6 Nature of the Game (Never made in studio)
7 Leader of the Band
8 Same Old Lang Syne
 w/The High Country Band
9 Down the Road
10 High Country Snows
11 The Outlaw
12 Shallow Rivers
13 The Higher You Climb
14 Morning Sky
15 Will the Circle Be Unbroken

Please don’t post this on any other trackers we will when we get to it
And please don’t alter this recording in any way. Thank you

KRW&CO and mike1061 are pleased to present to you the collection of R.J.P.(RIP). R.J.P. was a prolific archivist from Chicago whom recorded live radio broadcasts, tv broadcasts, as well his own captures live from the audience. These are on on Reel to Reel, Cassette, Beta, and VHS as well as hundreds of pre fm transcription discs and reels. 
We will be presenting to you our transfers of the R.J.P. collection, which has been in the possession of mike since his passing, over the coming months. There are going to be several exciting upload to come. Many thanks go to R.J.P. for his archiving (which date back to the 1970's) and Mike for preserving this collection and allowing it to be presented to you here.!r1Z0HCyC!7VnBHWOY8t321wj7YycCPlHFukV3HeaTdR0C91FeLqA!3kJgUQBA!OFwdmQ0eAFxCuJl7g_jpcwS9HOANjgjrKWQlQEp5pzc!rkBBnZaQ!iW7ViZvyTIsTjWr8DsarJD5u5m5dmUYV-y51TaSxMaU

Ozark Mountain Daredevils: Los Angeles 1976 (FM) FLAC

Ozark Mountain Daredevils-1976-11-10-outside front cover
Palomino Club
North Hollywood, California
November 10, 1976 (Wednesday)
KMET-FM, Los Angeles

01. Standin' On The Rock
02. Homemade Wine
03. You Know Like I Know
04. The Red Plum
05. Chicken Train
06. Love Makes A Lover
07. Rescue Me (with Steve Canaday)
08. Walking Down The Road
09. Arroyo
10. Noah
11. Jackie Blue (tape flip-a patch was added to create a seamless splice)
12. E.E. Lawson
13. If You Wanna Get To Heaven
14. Beauty In The River
second encore:
15. It'll Shine When It Shines

Source: Recorded "off the air" by Allen Tarzwell   KMET-FM > Unknown cassette deck using 1 Maxell LN C90 (no Dolby)

Transfer: Nakamichi CR-7A (azimuth aligned to tape, no Dolby, Bias @ 120us) > Korg MN-2000S 1 Bit DFF @ 2.822 MHz > AudioGate (24-96) > Audacity (minor editing - volume, balance, dropouts, and splices) > AudioGate (16-44) > CD Wav > TLH (Flac Level 8) > Stamp ID3 tag editor

Most of the station ID breaks were removed on the master (the pause button). These breaks were cleaned up a bit better in post production digital editing. A tape flip during Jackie Blue has been spliced. This is found at 2:37 of track 11.The recording becomes a bit brighter on side two of the cassette. For historical reference only and not intended for resale or any commercial use. Enjoy -M- Flying M Productions - August 2012

John Dillon: acoustic guitar, fiddle, mouthbow, vocals
Steve Cash: harmonica, percussion, vocals
Larry Lee: drums, acoustic guitar, tinkles, vocals
Supe Granda: bass, mandolin, backing vocals
Buddy Brayfield: piano, accordion, percussion, backing vocals
Rune Walle: lead & slide guitar, banjo
Steve Canaday: guitar, bass, drums, vocals
Jerry Mills: mandolin
Bill Jones: sax, percussion!f0QnHbaK!ODMTiYYwJQY4tNg6FTOvDyPOcXxLGkxwGOmzcb6qFPE!bkwRhDJZ!bmszi3lm2Ko_MD2MSkF6QL19KS7GItuS2g3PccdDtlU!D4YwWRqZ!h_q30MCgU1jTzg-8z1u22ju8toKjK4nNTrW7CTTugBU

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pink Floyd: Chicago 1973 (3 Diff VG+ Aud) FLAC

Catalogue: Hip Cat Records
Misc.: CDRs
Produced: December 1997
Date: 730307
Matrix: Disc: 1 CDR
Disc: 2 CDR
Cover: Back: track listing w/ track times in pink type, with source detail and the signatures of all 4 band members; the background is a slightly dim shot of the cover of Obscured By Clouds. Book: Folded, made of standard paper stock; front has 4 small pictures of the band taken from the March 11, 1973 show at the Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto. The picture arrangement is very reminiscent of the Black Glass cover. The cover has Pink Floyd across the centre and Childhoods End at the bottom. Lettering is green and the font looks very similar to that on the cover of the Obscurity cd. The rear of the insert has a cutout from the Bugle American advertisement for the Floyd's March 4, 1973 show in Madison, Wisconsin and two other newspaper cutouts, one from a March 17, 1973 publication. The insert is blank on the inside. Discs: gold fronts with teal backs. Discs are void of any details except for a hand written 1 or 2 (depicting disc one or two) on the gold fronts. CD's are in a slim lined 2CD jewel case, with the cd holding panel swinging like a page (as opposed to folding out)
Sources: 07 Mar 1973, 06 Mar 73, 08 Mar 73 Disc 1, Disc 2 1-11, 07 Mar 1973, International Amphitheatre in Chicago, Illinois Disc 2 12, 6 Mar 1973, Kiel Auditorium in St. Louis, Missouri Disc 2 13, 8 Mar 1973, University Fieldhouse in Cincinnati, Ohio
Lineage: silver cd>eac>flac

      Disc: 1
       1. Echoes                                             22:05
       2. Tune Up                                             1:36
       3. Obscured By Clouds/When You're In                  12:57
       4. Tune Up                                             1:18
       5. Childhood's End                                     7:49
       6. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                      12:18
          Total Time:                                        58:03

      Disc: 2
       1. Speak To Me                                         1:42
       2. Breathe                                             2:53
       3. On The Run                                          5:25
       4. Time w/ Breathe (reprise)                           6:24
       5. The Great Gig In The Sky                            4:57
       6. Money                                               6:20
       7. Us And Them                                         7:23
       8. Any Colour You Like                                 6:59
       9. Brain Damage                                        3:29
      10. Eclipse                                             1:30
      11. One Of These Days (encore)                          7:45
      12. Childhood's End (w/ 1:30 tune up)                  10:26
      13. Childhood's End                                     7:48
          Total Time:                                        73:11

     Roger Waters
      Nick Mason
      David Gilmour
      Rick Wright

Quality: VG/EX

Comments: At last, a live recording of the rare Childhood's End! This is the first roio I know of to have it. Not only that, we get two additional performances of it. Depending on your preferred reference source (A Journey Through Time And Space or the newly released and, for me, somewhat inaccurate and misleading Pink Floyd: In The Flesh) there were only 4 - 8 (or so) performances of Childhood's End. The presence of three of these limited performances makes this disc invaluable to collectors. The disc also contains the somewhat less rare Obscured By Clouds/ When You're In. This is one of the few roio's that contains a complete performance from the 1973 shows. The source is an audience recording that is of very good quality. I have not listened to this cd that much, so at this point I cannot give a detailed analysis. I am not a big fan of the DSOTM, (though I do like the early Eclipsed performances), so I tend to stay away from the June 1972 -> 1973 shows. As a result, my points of reference would not be extremely relevant in comparing the March 7 show to other shows in this time frame. Nevertheless, the sound quality is high and song performances are strong. The BIG problem for collectors is that this roio may not be available on a large scale. Though commercially available, the creators of this cd are not really in the business of manufacturing roio's. As a result, availability may be somewhat limited. On the positive side, this is the first release of a possibly continuing series of hard to find Floyd performances. Word from the source is that they may release these shows on a monthly basis. If this release is any indication, we could be in store for quite a treat. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Given that this is the only currently available roio (as far as I know) that contains the elusive Childhood's End (let alone 3 performances of it), I highly recommend you get it - that is, if you can find it. Rated as essential collection material. -SCOTT
The Chicago performance is above average throughout, and a complete ‘73 with Childhood’s End is certainly a rare treat. Sound quality, however, was a big disappointment on this one, and detracts significantly from my enjoyment of the disc. It is clean and probably close to the master, but the recording just wasn’t that great to begin with. Audibly, the taper was nowhere near the stage. The music primarily found the microphone via the ceiling and walls of the venue. VG- in my book.
The two extra versions of CE both sound better than the Chicago source, though they aren’t outstanding either. -EL


Catalogue: HL 219/220 Highlands
Misc.: <no info>
Produced: 1998
Date: 730307
Matrix: Disc: 1 HL-219
Disc: 2 HL-220
Cover: Front: The picture on the front insert is a side stage shot of the band with what appear to be little white puffy clouds in the background
Sources: 07 Mar 1973, 06 Mar 73, 08 Mar 73. 07 Mar 1973, International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois; 06 Mar 1973, Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, Missouri; 08 Mar 1973, University of Cincinnati, Fieldhouse, Cincinatti, Ohio
Lineage: silver cd>eac>flac

      Disc: 1
       1. Echoes                                              23:50
       2. Obscured By Clouds - When You're In                 13:06
       3. Tuning - Childhood's End                            10:22
       4. Careful With That Axe, Eugene                       11:32

      Disc: 2
       1. Speak To Me                                          1:45
       2. Breathe                                              2:54
       3. On The Run                                           5:27
       4. Time                                                 6:39
       5. The Great Gig In The Sky                             5:03
       6. Money                                                6:58
       7. Us And Them                                          6:55
       8. Any Colour You Like                                  7:05
       9. Brain Damage                                         3:13
      10. Eclipse                                              1:50
      11. One Of These Days                                    7:51
      12. Childhood's End                                      9:38
      13. Childhood's End                                      8:14

Comments: Disc One and the first eleven songs of Disc Two are from International Amphitheater, Chicago, Illinois 07/03/73. Disc Two song twelve is from Kiel Opera House, St. Louis, Missouri 06/03/73. Disc Two song thirteen is from University of Cincinnati, Fieldhouse, Cincinatti, Ohio 08/03/73.
Times are taken from the back insert. -BRIAN

March 7, 1973
International Ampitheatre - Chicago, IL

ANA(2) -> CDR(2) -> WAV(M) [16bit/44.1kHz] -> WAV(1) [16bit/44.1kHz] -> FLAC [Level 8]
mid-2000s cass>CDR[sg]
unknown cassette->cdr equipment
Adobe Audition 3.0 -> CD Wave 1.95.1 -> Trader's Little Helper 2.6.0

[23:58] Echoes
[14:21] Obscured by Clouds/When You're In
[08:04] Childhood's End
[12:15] Careful With That Axe, Eugene
[48:13] The Dark Side of the Moon
[08:15] One of These Days
[115:09] total

NOTES: Raw transfer, as far as I am aware. The recorder was stopped and started quite a few times between songs. Some pitch problems appear in the second set. Tape splices repaired, and some mild attempt to dampen the many start/stop cuts; no actual crowd noise removed.

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Metallica: Middleton 1994 (Soundboard) FLAC

Metallica ‎– Middle Shit 1994
Label: Bondage Music (2) ‎– BON018/019
Format: 2 × CD, Unofficial Release
Country: Japan
Released: 1998
All Songs Recorded Live At: Middletown, N.Y. 17th June 1994
Linage : Original Silvers > xACT Software For Mac > Flac > torrent

1-1 The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 1:52
1-2 Breadfan 4:23
1-3 Master Of Puppets 3:15
1-4 Wherever I May Roam 7:33
1-5 Harvester Of Sorrow / Kirk Guitar Doodle 6:44
1-6 Welcome Home (Sanitarium) / Lars Drums Solo 7:11
1-7 The God That Failed 6:21
1-8 Ride The Lightning - No Remorse - The Four Horsemen - Phantom Lord - Fight Fire With Fire 8:29
1-9 For Whom The Bell Tolls 8:24
1-10 Disposable Heroes 6:39
2-1 Seek And Destroy / Kirk Guitar Solo 11:31
2-2 Nothing Else Matters 8:13
2-3 Creeping Death / Jason Bass Solo 7:40
2-4 Fade To Black 7:41
2-5 Whiplash 5:28
2-6 Sad But True 6:26
2-7 One 11:28
2-8 Enter Sandman 6:20
2-9 So What? 3:18!qh5RGJyB!YAioUV6qhiS2Ct8sYkIoYkyKAbEiBiGf34StlH0UdT0!30YRFB4R!4T1pSY-GKAWxGpNqgOmM-IV9BAVDTDeKps2IA-pL_CM!7xRSyJ4C!DO-NO2o5d23JCckhuHfWWo1Q-6ask3ZmWNpwehrAOVg!2pRWUA6S!7eFXFNBLINwLZqJcD3UVVRng_ObwFHjMbO2AbFws6nA!y9J3VATK!QppEXj6eKDWAuGgi1fl05_EnPkMCEP7a7zKGXdSRg-c

AC/DC: Cleveland 1978 (FM) FLAC

22 August 1978
Cleveland, Agora Ballroom

Quality - soundboard (fm, if you want to be pedantic), and a great show
For me, this is the best ACDC live recording out there!  Great show, great setlist, wild audience, superb recording.  Highly recommended!
From broadcast on fm radio - announcer's comments have been edited out
Broadcast > unknown fiddling about with tape over the years >Torrent > nero > CDR > EAC > flac > Torrent

1. Live Wire (6:00)
2. She’s got Balls (6:47)
3. Problem Child (4:49)
4. The Jack (10:23)
5. High Voltage (5:29)
6. Baby please don’t go (9:35)
7. Rocker (5:41)!q9IHiTBb!Lp9msk_o1Kl_5K_XLrxMuEF_SZhNaOm-LGR1SCbB9uw!SlByDRya!BDPt125ch7PCBrJPNfq2CnGOVkM8ag8wjjLyyj49Aq8

Friday, January 24, 2014

Pink Floyd: Paris 1972 (Broadcast Rip) FLAC

Roland Petit Rock Ballet

Performed to the music of Pink Floyd

Performed Live November 22-26, 1972
Broadcast on French TV January 12-13, 1973

Lineage: TV > cass > eac > flac

Here's more info about the man behind the ballet company that joined forces with the Floyds to produce this unusual rock ballet performance:
Petit, Roland, 1924–, French dancer and choreographer, b. Villemoble. Petit joined the Paris Opéra company at 15and in 1948 founded Les Ballets de Paris de Roland Petit.
His best-known work, Carmen (1949), set to music from Georges Bizet's opera, was created for his company, with Renée (Zizi) Jeanmaire, who later (1954) became his wife, in the title role. Other well-known early works include Le Jeune homme et la mort (1946) and Ballabile (1950). Petit later turned to less classical forms, such as choreographing films, e.g., Hans Christian Andersen (1952) and Daddy Long Legs (1955) and music hall revues (1956–61). He returned to ballet in the 1960s when commissioned to present the Festivals populaires de ballet at the Chaillot theater in France.
In 1972 he founded the Ballet de Marseilles, which he directed until 1997. Among his later dances are Symphonie Fantastique (1975), The Blue Angel (1985) and Clavigo (1999). Petit's chic and theatrical style have made him an extremely popular figure in French dance.

1.) One Of These Days
2.) Careful With That Axe, Eugene
3.) Obscured By Clouds
4.) When You're In
5.) Echoes!HgIFWDhB!F7iKEgXAMTBN-_LoK7uPy0sAARRflyKxPxojCzzj--Q!XtACyJ4a!WEITsFF2Uem7Hf1UIL8Y_GiHn_RAT8PnsEdMTEG2fis

AC/DC: London 1976 (FM) FLAC

AC/DC Live - 76

01 It's A Long Way To The Top
02 Soul Stripper
03 Baby Please Don't Go
04 Little Lover
05 Can I Sit Next To You Girl
06 Live Wire
07 Jailbreak
08 Rock 'N Roll Singer
09 School Days
10 Interview

Tracks 01-03: London, England, Paris Theatre 1976-07-08 (FM)
Tracks 04-06: London, England, BBC Maida Vale 4 Studios 1976-06-03 (FM)
Track 07: London, England, Wimbledon Theatre, Rollin' Bolan Show 1976-07-13 w/ Peter Drummond introducing (TV)
Tracks 08-09: Reading, England, Reading Festival 1976-08-29 (AUD)
Notes: Nice collection of early live tracks, total running time 50 minutes

Lineage: Factory pressed bootleg CD (Live - 76, Men At Work, Work 5512 2) > CD-R Trade > EAC (Secure) > Wav > TLH > Flac (8)!304EEQAI!Z-0cj29JFOClVWSyek6Qhh7_JWQRSAOrvautyD9-Blk!Lxw2mSYK!e4iy3wqzG6D7fDpHqkxV10HbLd1afaI1jC9bEMYdKyA

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pink Floyd: Los Angeles 1975 (Ex- Aud) FLAC

Echoes From The Past (Platinum Edition) - Front
Pink Floyd
Title - "Echoes From The Past (Platinum Edition)"
Label - Digital Reproductions DR 42675-4

There are many Pink Floyd RoIOs out there. Most of them are audience recordings and pretty difficult to listen to. This one, however, has to be the best audience recording of an old Floyd show ever. This rivals the Boston Garden show for quality, IMHO. If your a Floyd fan, don't miss this one!

Disc 1:
 1. Intro  
 2. Raving and Drooling  
 3. You've Gotta Be Crazy
 4. Shine On You Crazy Diamond (1-5)
 5. Have a Cigar
 6. Shine on You Crazy Diamond (6-9)
 7. "Sit down and enjoy the show..."

Disc 2:
 1. Speak to Me  
 2. Breath  
 3. On the Run
 4. Time  
 5. The Great Gig in the Sky
 6. Money  
 7. Us and Them  
 8. Any Colour You Like  
 9. Brain Damage  
10. Eclipse
11. Echoes  

The Digital Dan Review: An incredible audience show from the Sports Arena in Los Angeles, California on April 26, 1975.  This is the complete master tape source, so complete that you here the taper testing the mics as the show starts. The sound is nothing short of astounding. Incredibly clear and quite devoid of almost any fan noise.
The bass is well captured, deep and powerful with no distortion whatsoever. The highs are also very crisp and not the least bit of harshness. In other words, the mix is just about perfect as if it were a soundboard. I think I have a good idea who taped this show and it explains a lot. There are a few things that make this recording truly unique.  First, the pre-release versions of Sheep (Raving and Drooling) and Dogs (You Gotta Be Crazy).  Raving and Drooling is much different instrumentally during the jam sections than is the album version, including some rhythm guitar that sounds like disco-funk!  The lyrics to You Gotta Be Crazy are quite different from the album version of Dogs.  Even Roger calls it a rather "mean" song.  "Any Colour You Like" is the great jam version and this is the last tour with performances of "Echoes" in its entirety.  All and all this recording is absolutely amazing for its age and one that you will definitely want in your collection.

George Harrison and Eric Clapton: Studio 1972 (FLAC)

George Harrison - Songs For Patti (Definitive Edition) - front gatefold

Remastered from the original CD issue on G&E 648137-24-7 (1994).
Lineage: My CD > EAC > .wav > Audition 1.5 > data CD > FLAC > you
Acetate recordings declicked and pitch corrected at Remasters Workshop, May 2004.

If you're a George fan, you may be more familiar with this material from the more widely-distributed, overly noise-reduced mess on the Strawberry label, but this is sourced from the original, mega-rare CD issue. It's an acetate of rough mixes and underdubs from "All Things Must Pass" sessions. The only flaws in it were that all the songs ran at the wrong speed, and there were clicks and thumps from the source being an acetate. Both were easily taken care of in Adobe Audition. Once the clicks and thumps were removed, there was no need for noise reduction. So we have the music just as it sounds, but at the right speed.
None of these songs appear here in their released versions, and some are still unreleased.

01  Intro
02  Wah Wah (take 3)
03  My Sweet Lord
04  Art Of Dying (take 9)
05  If Not For You
06  Behind That Locked Door
07  Let It Down
08  All Things Must Pass (false start)
09  All Things Must Pass
10  Down To The River
11  Wah Wah (overdubs onto take 3)
12  The Ballad Of Sir Frankie Crisp (Let It Roll)
13  Awaiting On You All
14  Art Of Dying (take 36)
15  What Is Life
16  Isn't It A Pity (take 30)
17  Behind That Locked Door
18  I Live For You
19  I'll Still Love You
20  Plug Me In (excerpt)

Artwork is included.Enjoy!
Uploaded to Demonoid on May 5, 2009.
Please do not sell this material or convert it to a lossy format.
Remasters Workshop RMW 231

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Led Zeppelin: Montreal 1972 (VG- Aud) FLAC

Led Zeppelin
June 7, 1972
Montreal Forum, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Montreal Gazette, Wendy (WECD-60/61/62)

(two audience sources)

lineage: my silvers>EAC>Flac

Disc 1:
01 Introduction
02 Immigrant Song
03 Heartbreaker
04 Out On The Tiles / Black Dog
05 Since I’ve Been Loving You
06 Stairway To Heaven
07 Going To California
08 That's The Way
09 Tangerine

Disc 2:
01 Bron-y-Aur Stomp
02 Dazed And Confused
03 What Is And What Should Never Be
04 Moby Dick

Disc 3:
01 Whole Lotta Love
02 Rock And Roll
03 Thanks You

Rolling Stones: KBFH 1973-1981 (Pre-FM) FLAC

Rolling Stones The King Biscuit Flower Hour 1987 9/27/87
Lineage : Original Silver > EAC >Flac
Original Broadcast Silver, DIR Broadcasting Corp

Sleeve insert notes:
Segement A
Open                         00:00
:30 Tri-Star Pictures        01:36
:30 U.S. Marines             02:06
:ROLLING STONES              02:06
:30 Ford Motorcraft          19:49
:30 U.S. Army                20:19
 Outcue 'paid for by the U.S. Army'
:60 Local (:10 Blank Tape)   20:49

Segment B
ROLLING STONES               21:49
:60 Budweiser                42:39
:30 Tri-Star Pictures        43:39
:30 U.S. Marines             44:09
 Outcue 'paid for by the corps'
:60 Local (:10 Blank Tape)   44:39

Segment C
ROLLING STONES               45:39
:30 U.S. Army                57:52
:30 Tri-Star Pictures        58:22
:60 Budweiser                58:52
Close                        59:52
End Of Show                  60:37
(:10 Blank Tape)

Segment A: [Chicago 1981 (November 23/24 or 25, 3 dates played)]
1. Miss You
2. Hang Fire
3. Beast Of Burden
4. She's So Cold
Segment B: [Detroit 1978 (July 6th)]
1. Honky Tonk Woman
2. Shattered
3. Tumbling Dice
4. Jumpin' Jack Flash
Segment C: [Brussels, (October 17th 1973)]
1. Brown Sugar
2. Happy
3. Gimme Shelter

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Pink Floyd: Zurich 1972 (2 Different Ex- Aud) FLAC


Title: In a Neutral Land, revision 1
Label: Man of Leisure Music (MoLM)
Remastered by Danalog
Location: Hallenstadion, Zurich
Date: 09Dec72
Source: Low gen clone of master tape
Sound: EX-

CD1: Dark Side Of The Moon 48:24                (tracks 1 - 10)

CD2: 01) One of These Days 08:48
02) Careful With That Axe, Eugene 13:17
03) Echoes 23:59
04) Childhood's End 11:19

Total time, CD2: 57:23
Total time, full concert:      1:05:47

Comments: This is speed-corrected and de-hissed, with some boosting having been done to the upper sound range. This is a complete concert, and includes 'Childhood's End', which is missing from other versions of this great concert.
The newly fixed up track of 'Childhood's End' was broadcast live on WRPI radio 17Jul03, which MoLM has marked as the re-release date of this remastered roio.

Pink Floyd
Hallenstadion, Zurich
9 December 1972
*Recorder 1*
Lineage: Maxell UD C-90 and C-60 cassettes > *Technics RS-B965-M > Focusrite Saffire Pro 14 > Audacity 1.3 > Wav (24bit/96kHz) ----> Adjustments (32bit/96kHz) > (16bit/44kHz) > CDWave (1.98) > FLAC
*The Technics RS-B965-M is a modified deck - for details see the forum

01 [00.24] Speak To Me
02 [02.40] Breathe
03 [06.58] On The Run
04 [05.31] Time
05 [01.05] Breathe (reprise)
06 [04.32] The Great Gig In The Sky
07 [05.01] Money (end cut due to tape flip)
08 [07.55] Us And Them
09 [06.31] Any Colour You Like
10 [03.46] Brain Damage
11 [01.44] Eclipse
12 [08.37] One Of These Days
13 [14.09] Careful With That Axe, Eugene
14 [24.06] Echoes
... [93:05] Total

***Neonknight's Notes***
For those who have been following our recent series of uploads to Yeeshkul this is another transfer of a Kbrubaker cassette that he obtained around 1980. As before we do not know the lineage of the recording but suspect that it is reasonably low generation.
The only version of this recorder that we are aware of being torrented is the relatively poor vinyl source, Live In Zurigo. Kbrubaker's source is much much better and much closer to the quality of the common recorder 2 than to the vinyl source.
When reviewing the recording in a head-to-head against a 1st gen reel / tape to DAT clone of Recorder 1, I found Kbrubaker's cassette to be smoother and warmer and it doesn't distort on a number of occasions where the DAT does. This is probably because it has been copied at a better, albeit rather low level.
The widely circulated Recorder 2 has Childhood's End and appears to have been recorded notably closer to the stage or possibly even on it. It is one of the outstanding recordings from 1972. Recorder 1 feels less chaotic but also less upfront than Recorder 2. The recording may also present an opportunity for a quad / surround sound project.
The songs were split across Kbrubaker's cassettes as follows: Side A DSOTM, Side B CWTAE and Echoes and Side C OOTD. I made adjustments to the levels on each channel using the Saffire Pro's analogue gain. If I had not intervened the left channel would have been generally quite weak. As noted above the original recording levels are rather low on each cassette, and this has no doubt added to the levels of hiss. Side C was louder than the other two.
Overall I would sum up this recording as being a really enjoyable listen that gives a very worthwhile alternative perspective on a night when the band were in top form.

***Littlepieces' Mastering Notes***
Kbrubaker's cassette is a stereo recording. The speed of the Dark Side set was fast by 1% or less, OoTD was a bit over 1% fast, and CWTAE was good so I decided not to subject these tracks to a resample/speed correction. Echoes was almost 3% slow so I adjusted the speed of this song.
Neon adjusted the analog gain on his FSP14 which took care of the channel imbalance, so this recording primarily required editing.
Recorder 1 has the end of Money cut due to a tape flip and the recording picks up at the beginning of Us & Them so I cut out the dead air and smoothed the transition. About 8s into OoTD there was an abrupt transition that sounded like a cut or recorder stop/start without the usual zip sound so I smoothed this out as well. After CWTAE, the audience section fades out and then the portion preceding Echoes begins with an abrupt tape start, so this transition was smoothed as well.
There were a few channel drop downs that were left unchanged. A couple in Echoes and one in OoTD that would have required gain increases and hiss removal in order to make the changes transparent so these were left as is.
Channel levels seem to fluctuate a little throughout the show possibly due to the recorder moving about and changing the direction of the mics periodically.
Kbrubaker Cassette / Neonknight Tape Transfer/ Little Pieces Production (LPP)/(July 2011)